Part 4 : Chris Standen finds myriad of flaws in Westconnex Traffic Model

Ed : Westconnex is transport project that is supposed to solve traffic congestion. So while the analysis of impacts on our community is important so too is the credibility of the Traffic and Transport analysis. The full details or those that are published can be found in Appendix G.In this last part of his submission, transport planner and modelling specialist Chris Standen spells out a myriad of reasons why he argues that the Traffic and Transport analysis is not reliable. While unlike Standen, the editors of the People’s M5 EIS are not experts in traffic modelling,  the levels of unknowns, complexity and uncertainty are obvious to any reader. This is of great public concern when you think that billions of Federal and state money have been committed before the EIS was even lodged. We certainly need these gaps to be filled and answers to all these questions. 

Read Parts one, two and three of Chris Standen’s submission

General Comments

The Traffic and Transport Assessment does not stand up to scrutiny. There is not enough information about the methodology, input data or assumptions for the forecasts to be independently verified.

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