How Westconnex New M5 will drown Alexandria in traffic

The Alexandria Residents’ Action group has published a strong statement about traffic impacts in Alexandria as revealed in the New M5 EIS.

“The impact on Alexandria is every bit as bad as we had feared. If anything, it’s worse than expected.

From about 2019, the M5 will terminate at Sydney Park. When complete, it will dump over 100,000 cars into our suburbs, much of which will end up on local streets. This is not by accident – it is intentional.

60,000 vehicles are expected to use Euston Road. This is more traffic than uses Victoria Road. It is almost ten times the traffic that Euston Road currently handles.”

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One thought on “How Westconnex New M5 will drown Alexandria in traffic

  1. The issue here is right across the entire route of #westCONnex, The M5 EIS states as a goal ‘to relieve congestion on local roads’. At the western end (Beverly Hills, Kingsgrove etc) it is estimated that a further 50,000 cars will use key roads such as Stoney Creek, Forest, Canterbury, and Bexley Roads, as motorists avoid the expensive tolls. This means that for the majority that do not use the M5, we will be gridlocked in our own suburb. Day-to-day activities like grocery shopping or just trying to get to the next suburb is hard enough already but will become more difficult because of #westCONnex. A motorway project that is failing on every single stated goal throughout the M4 and M5 must be stopped and undergo a full Inquiry.


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