Table of Contents

The EIS is divided into Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Volume 1 contains a summary of the whole project. For most of the chapters in Volume 1, there is an Appendix in Volume 2 which contains the details.

There are also other documents that aren’t part of the EIS, but are still important. One of more important such documents is the SEAR – the Secretaries Environmental Assessment Requirements. This document sets out what the EIS must cover.

Many chapters and appendicies are avaiable in large pdfs, which contain hi-res images, and small pdfs, which contain the same text, but only low-res images.

Amended WestConnex New M5 SSI Application Report
Critical State Significant Infrastructure declaration information
WestConnex New M5 – Revised SEARs
Vol 1A 00 Executive summary ToC certification and glossary
Vol 1A Chapter 01 Introduction
Vol 1A Chapter 02 Assessment process
Vol 1A Chapter 03 Strategic context and project need
Vol 1A Chapter 04 Project development and alternatives
Vol 1A Chapter 05 Project description
Vol 1A Chapter 06 Construction work Vol 2A App A to App C SEARS, Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, Part 3 of Schedule 2 checklist, Geological Long Section
Vol 2A App D Properties affected by acquisition
Vol 2A App F Landfill Closure Management Plan
Vol 1A Chapter 07 Consultation Vol 2A App E Draft Community Consultation Framework
Vol 1B Chapter 08 Overview of environmental issues
Vol 1B Chapter 09 Traffic and transport Vol 2B App G Traffic and Transport
Vol 1B Chapter 10 Air quality Vol 2C App H Air Quality
Vol 1B Chapter 11 Human health Vol 2C App I Human Health Risk Assessment
Vol 1B Chapter 12 Noise and vibration Vol 2D App J Noise and Vibration
Vol 1B Chapter 13 Land use and property
Vol 1B Chapter 14 Visual impacts and urban design Vol 2E App K Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
Vol 2E App L Urban Design
Vol 1B Chapter 15 Social and economic Vol 2E App M Social and Economic
Vol 1C Chapter 16 Soil and water quality Vol 2E App N Surface Water
Vol 1C Chapter 17 Contamination Vol 2F App O Contamination
Vol 1C Chapter 18 Flooding and drainage Vol 2G App P Flooding
Vol 1C Chapter 19 Groundwater Vol 2G App Q Groundwater
Vol 1C Chapter 20 Non-Aboriginal heritage Vol 2G App R Non-Aboriginal Heritage
Vol 1C Chapter 21 Biodiversity Vol 2H App S Biodiversity Assessment
Vol 2H App T Biodiversity Offset Strategy
Vol 1C Chapter 22 Greenhouse gas Vol 2H App U Greenhouse gas
Vol 1C Chapter 23 Aboriginal heritage Vol 2H App V Aboriginal Heritage
Vol 1C Chapter 24 Resource use and waste minimisation
Vol 1C Chapter 25 Climate change risk and adaptation Vol 2H App W Climate Change
Vol 1C Chapter 26 Hazard and risk
Vol 1C Chapter 27 Cumulative impacts
Vol 1C Chapter 28 Sustainability
Vol 1C Chapter 29 Environmental risk analysis
Vol 1C Chapter 30 Summary of environmental management measures
Vol 1C Chapter 31 Project justification and conclusion
Vol 1C Chapter 32 References
Vol 1C Chapter 33 and 34 List of tables and figure

Although not part of the EIS, the ‘Updated Strategic Business Case’ and its appendixes contain information about traffic and other impacts, not all of which is in the EIS.

Tech paper 1 – Traffic
Tech paper 2 – Economic appraisal – costs and benefits
Tech paper 3 – Environmental Review
Tech paper 4 – Consultation history
Updated Strategic Business Case

Also of interest is an independent report that The City of Sydney have commissioned, which is well worth a read:


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