How to make a submission to the New M5 East

The New M5 EIS was published by the NSW Department of planning on November 27, 2015. The end of the exhibition period and the current deadline for submissions is January 29, 2016. Currently the Greens and community campaign groups are pushing for an extension to this deadline which would make it extremely difficult for Councils, groups and individuals to prepare an adequate response to the massive EIS over the Summer holidays. The EIS is massive because there are thousands of potential risks to sustainable transport for Sydney, the health and safety of communities and the survival of species and habitat.

This link tells you how to make a formal submission to the EIS. You will note that the Department promises to publish a list of submitters with their suburb and submission with attachments. In relation to the M4 East EIS this has turned out to be a lie. Despite an explicit undertaking this has not been done. Instead nearly 4000 submissions have been dumped in 60 big PDFs that are not even searchable. The People’s M4 East is currently attempting to get Brent Devine, planner in charge of the M4 EIS to meet this obligation.

If you are making a submission directly to the Department of Planning for the New M5 EIS make sure you include this statement: “I make this submission on the understanding that you will publish a list of submitters including my name, suburb and submission.”

The People’s New M5 EIS will be publishing lots of material that will help you produce your submissions. You can make more than one. MPs and community groups such as the Westconnex Action Group will also be preparing submissions that you can adopt and add your own comments.

We welcome contributions and ideas.  You can send them to If you have skills in environmental science, transport planning, heritage, community planning, sociology, economics, maths or accountancy, health work, journalism, editing, internet or multimedia production, photography, interviewing, transcribing  or any other relevant occupation or interest, please consider assisting us in reading sections of the EIS and providing summaries of key issues, critical analysis and research.


2 thoughts on “How to make a submission to the New M5 East

  1. Great to see this site up and going. There is not a moment to spare in our campaign against WestConnex – in all it’s stages. The release of the M5 EIS, such a huge and massive document, right at the end of year, with an exhibition and submission response period open throughout the Xmas and New Year period, plus the school holidays and then closing on the 29th of January is an insult. The time allowed doesn’t actually allow for proper community engagement and response to such a massive motorway project – one that is going to impact on many families and communities. I thought Mike Baird was supposed to be the sensitive family friendly Premier who really understands family needs and pressures. The release of the M5 EIS in this way, at this time of year doesn’t seem very family friendly to me, Mike Baird. Maybe you should rethink what is being done in your name, and under your leadership.

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