Newtown Greens MP Jenny Leong says Christmas release of EIS is unfair

Newtown Greens MP Jenny Leong has accused the Baird government of unfairness and cynicism in its release of a massive EIS for the new M5  last week just weeks before Christmas. She has called for a review of the end of January deadline for submissions.

“The NSW Government has released the New M5 Environmental Impact Statement just before everyone breaks for the year but it’s no gift to the residents, councils or organisations that will be forced to digest this massive document – made up of 149 individual multi-page attachments – during the holiday period.  Submissions are due at the end of January, just as many families will be returning from summer holidays.”

“The Government is trying yet again to avoid community accountability.

“It’s such a cynical move, requiring residents, councils and organisations to comment on a huge planning document like this over the holiday period, when they should have the opportunity to spend with their families and friends. Many councils are having their final meeting for the year in the next couple of weeks and aren’t due to return until February.

“Giving residents only until the end of January to make submissions on the New M5 is completely unfair and is yet another example of the Government attempting to fast track this project without due diligence or concern for those people who will be severely affected by this project.

Read more and sign the petition. 



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